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100% polystyrene Material mirrored plastic sheets

  • Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • DH
  • DH-PS-0062
  • polystyrene
  • 1.0~3.0mm
  • 1830x1220mm 2440x1220mm, 1830x1220mm 2440x1220mm or custom size
  • 100% polystyrene Material mirrored plastic sheets
  • 1.05g/cm3
  • Silver / grey
  • Protected by film
  • Extruded and vacuum plating
  • Decoration / Furniture / Toy /Show products etc.
  • Adhesive / PP / Paper / Paint / 3M adhesive / Protective film etc.
  • SGS,REACH,PH,HE,Eco-Friendly
  • Shaping easily and good durablity

100% polystyrene Material mirrored plastic sheets

Polystyrene Mirror Sheet - Clear Extruded Mirror PS,GPPS

PS mirror is Lighter & Easier to Handle & Fabricate than glass mirror Safer than glass (Shatter resistant,long-lasting performance,Lightweight) and low cost.

Primarily intended for areas such as interior fittings, garden, display, point-of-sale, visual merchandising and store design, PS/Acrylic mirror sheets are half the weight of glass. Our wide range of such mirror sheets is of the highest commercial quality available and that offers strength more than 17 times greater than glass. They are manufactured with toughest protective back-coating to protect the mirror from scratches.

It should be noted that these polystyrene mirror do not have the rigidity of glass. Visual distortion may occur during normal use which is an inherent characteristic of the material. Like a magnifying glass it can intensify and concentrate sun rays. Therefore, it should not be positioned in areas of direct sunlight.

Half the weight of glass, shatter resistant, extensive design, flexible, break-resistance and pressure sensitive backing are some of the characteristic of PS/Acrylic mirror sheets.

Product Overviews

Detailed Images

PS mirror can be made into different shape as per your design,which were widely used in toys ,furniture,displays and interior decoration.

Production Flow

Imported advanced production line with high quality homemade and imported raw material.


Saftey packing suitable for both sea shipment and air shipment.make sure PS mirrors are well protected and saftely delivered to customers.


Strict quality control system and ecofriendly PS mirror well received by customer of different industrial from all around the world.

Delivery & Payment

Different way of shipment / payment can be chosen by customers according to different delivery or payment request.

Company Information


Available standard plastic mirror specification as below :

Look forward to receive your message or email for further information,thank you.

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