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3 Tips for Identifying Quality Acrylic Mirrors

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3 Tips for Identifying Quality Acrylic Mirrors

High-quality acrylic mirrors have a high requirement against raw materials, production technology and machines. There are certain difficulties in production. It is more difficult for small workshops to produce good quality mirrors. The pursuit of quality is always the constant demand. Today we will share 3 tips to help customers or consumers choose the high-quality acrylic mirror sheet.

1. Inspect the surface of acrylic mirror sheets

Good quality acrylic mirrors: made with high-quality extruded acrylic sheet which use 100% virgin material with high light transmittance. They have clear mirror effect, no scratches, crystal spot, bubble, extrusion lines, impurity and other defects on the mirror surface by visual inspection, or crystal spots of 1㎡, ≤0.2mm is allowed to exist 3, bubbles are allowed to exist 4.


Poor quality acrylic mirror sheets: made with extruded acrylic sheet which use recycled material or partial recycled material and virgin material mixed. Their mirror coating production technology is poor, and mirror surfaces have obvious crystal spots, bubbles, scratches and other defects by visual inspection. Their mirror imaging effect is poor.


2. Inspect the protective film

Good protective film: has the appropriate viscosity without dropping the glue, and there is no glue residue on the mirror surface when tear off the protective film. Its thickness is the most appropriate ( easy to warped if too thick, easy to damage if too thin).

Good-protective- film

Poor quality protective film: its viscosity is not good, easy to fall off. Glue residue exists on the mirror surface when tear off the protective film. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use thinner protective film with poor protection performance, it is easy to scratch the mirror during shipment and using.

Poor quality protective film

3. Inspect the paint coating of acrylic mirror backing

High quality mirror backing paint: it feels flat and smooth, back paint coating thickness ≥16μm;  The adhesion of the back paint (cross-cut knife test) reaches 0=ASTM (the highest level), the coating will not fall off easily in the process of use;  Its hardness reaches about 4H, make it harder to scratch.


Poor quality mirror backing paint: it feels rough, back paint coating thickness <12μmm; Test results are 2=ASTM or below in the adhesion test, its coating peels off easily. Hardness in 3H or below are relatively inferior back paint.


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