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Dome plexiglass acrylic security convex mirror for eliminating blind spot

  • Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • DH
  • DH-CM-031
  • Dome plexiglass acrylic security convex mirror
  • Acrylic
  • silver
  • DIA 250mm 300mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 600mm 800mm
  • convenience shop, Office, warehouse, hospital
  • rubber edge protector and screws attached
  • 2.0~2.5mm
  • silk printing or laser engraving
  • 50pcs
  • Anti-wear and durable.

Dome plexiglass acrylic security convex mirror for eliminating blind spot

Product Description


Full /half/quarter dome spherical mirror
To provide a clear 360 degree view
Great for use in elevators for blind spot elimination


1. Wide application

Quarter dome mirrors are great for use in elevators for blind elimination, in retail stores for viewing areas where theft is an issue, and in industrial applications to help with traffic safety from forklifts, vehichles or pedestrians.

They are often used to help reduce accidents in hall ways, isles, and blind spot areas.

Store clerks count on quarter dome mirrors for viewing areas which visibility is an issue and theft is a concern.

2. Easily mounted

Easy installed to a ceilling in a corner or central of a wall by pre drilled holes in the mirror flange

3. Shatter resistant

4. Excellent optics and high hresolution, no distorted images

Our quarter dome mirrors provide a clear 360 degree view

Ful domes assist with observing all ways around

5. Light weight and safe

6. High durability,long-lasting

Strong, durable while offering an excellent reflection

7. Made of high quality acrylic

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Company Information


1. What is acrylic?

Acrylic Perspex is manufactured in a large range of colours and finishes.

Clear acrylics also known as perspex are by far the most popular.A huge range of colours and tints are also available. Acrylic is manufactured in the following types:



3)Impact modified

The main advantages include:

1)excellent weather resistance,unaffected by sun or salt spray temperature range of -30 to 160° degree F for continuous service.

2)Highly transparent sheet with a light transmission of 92%

3)Higher impact strength than glass

4)Excellent surface finish Easy to machine, fabricate and thermoform 5)Good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis

6)Half the weight of glass Impact resistant

7)Unaffected by sun or salt spray Temperature range of -30 to 160° F for continuous service 8)Good outdoor weathering

9)Fully recyclable Excellent surface hardness and durability

10)Food gradable Easy to clean and maintain

2. How to clean acrylic products?

Acrylics are best cleaned using a soft cloth with fresh water to which a little detergent has been added.Under no circumstances should methylated spirits nor solvent be used.Proprietary cleaning solutions should only be used if they are known to be compatible with acrylic sheet.Abrasive cleaners of any kind should never be used.

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