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Plexiglass PMMA Acrylic - Recycled Plastics

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Plexiglass PMMA Acrylic - Recycled Plastics

Plastics are indispensable in many areas of life. Nonetheless, plastics are criticized as microplastics can be found in even the most remote glaciers on Earth and carpets of plastic waste in the ocean are as large as some countries. However, it is possible to utilize the benefits of plastics while also avoiding a negative impact on the environment – with the help of circular economy.


PLEXIGLASS can make a considerable contribution to the circular economy and help shape a more sustainable and resource-efficient future in line with the following principles:

Avoidance comes before reuse: PLEXIGLASS helps reduce waste with its high durability. PMMA is used in durable construction applications which, thanks to the material’s weather resistance, remain fully functional even after being in use for several years and do not have to be replaced prematurely. Utilization periods of 30 years and longer are common for exterior applications such as facades, noise barriers, or industrial or private roofs. The durability of PLEXIGLASS therefore delays replacement, saves resources and prevents waste – an important step for a sparing use of resources.

PMMA is used in durable construction applications which, thanks to the material’s weather resistance, remain fully functional even after being in use for several years and do not have to be replaced prematurely.


Appropriate disposal: PLEXIGLASS is not hazardous or special waste and can therefore be recycled without any problems. End consumers can also dispose of PLEXIGLASS easily. PLEXIGLASS is then often burned for energy generation. Only water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are produced during this so-called thermal utilization, provided that no additional fuel is used and under the right incineration conditions, which means no air pollutants or toxic fumes are produced.


Don’t waste, recycle: PLEXIGLASS can be broken down into its original components to create new PLEXIGLASS products. PLEXIGLASS products can be broken down into their original components using chemical recycling to create new sheets, tubes, rods, etc. – with virtually the same quality. Only suitable for a limited number of plastics, this process saves resources and avoids waste.


At Sheet Plastics you can find a whole host of environmentally friendly recycled acrylic sheets that are sure to bring a pop of colour to any project. This particular material of plastic sheets is the only type that can be recycled back to it's original raw material which allows manufacturing of sustainable products, but a proactive approach to 100% recycled and recyclable products. You can be part of reducing the use of raw materials, reducing carbon foot print (CO2 emissions) and above all respect for the environment and its primary resources. All of our environmentally friendly products are available in cut to size.


For added ease of use and to help minimize wastage, all our coloured acrylic sheets can be produced exactly to your specifications, including cut to size, polished and drilled.


DHUA is a pioneer manufacture of Acrylic Mirror, supply all kinds of Acrylic Mirror, Widely used in Furniture, Toys, Beauty and other Industries.

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