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What Are The Advantages of Acrylic Signs?

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What Are The Advantages of Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs mainly have the following advantages:  


1 Weather resistance

Acrylic material signs can withstand the weather for a long time, never fade, the built-in light source can be well protected.  

2 Impact resistance

Acrylic sheet has high impact resistance. It is especially suitable for installation in the required locations, almost no collision, fracture happened.  

3 Outstanding visual effect

Acrylic material itself is colorful with smooth surface and high transmittance, so the product have a strong impact on the vision.  

4 Aesthetics

Products made of acrylic materials have bright color and high transparency, and their production process is relatively simple, so acrylic materials are widely used, not only for the signages industry, but also get the favor of other industries.  

5 High transmittance

Acrylic has the reputation of "plastic crystal".  

6 Smooth surface

Acrylic signage has a smooth surface, it is very convenient in the process of using.

7 Recyclability

Acrylic is a kind of recyclable material, it is more friendly to the increasingly strong awareness of environmental protection in today's society.  

8 Fire resistance, temperature resistance

Acrylic has no spontaneous combustion and can be self-extinguishing, it is not easy to be distorted.

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