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Acrylic mirror, PC mirror, PL mirror, PVC mirror, glass mirror features and differences

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 Acrylic mirror, PC mirror, PL mirror, PVC mirror, glass mirror features and differences

(1) Acrylic mirror (Acrylic, Plexiglass, PMMA, Methacrylic) The advantage is high transparency, mirror coating can be on the opposite side, the protective effect of the reflective coating is good, the material is hard, the disadvantage is a bit brittle, can be electroplated into acrylic paint lenses, Acrylic two-sided mirror, acrylic paper with paper lenses, acrylic plastic lens, acrylic brown lens, acrylic silver lens, acrylic gold lens, acrylic brown half lens, acrylic silver half lens, acrylic environmental protection lenses. (2) PVC PVC plastic mirror, the disadvantage is that the substrate is opaque, the mirror coating can only be in the front, and the finish is low, the advantage is cheap, high hardness, can be made into a real mirror half mirror rubber mirror gold mirror mirror Silver mirror security is not broken mirror.

(3) PS polystyrene mirror, the substrate is relatively transparent, the material is the softest, more brittle, the material is cheap, PS lens can be electroplated into a 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.35mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.65mm 3.0mm thickness of the real mirror half-lens back Plastic mirror mirror mirror silver mirror silver mirror.

(4) PC polycarbonate mirror, the substrate transparent medium to transparent, the advantage is good toughness, hard and soft material, the disadvantage is the highest price, can be electroplated into a PC paint lens, PC mirror, PC with paper lenses, PC with plastic lenses, PC brown lenses, PC silver lenses, PC brown half lens, PC silver half lens, PC environmental lenses.

(5) The glass mirror coating process is mature, the price is low, the most smooth, the hardest material, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, the shortcoming is the most brittle, the highest damage to the people after the rupture, can not withstand the impact, the ratio of major.

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