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Acrylic Sheet Applications: Alipay Payment & Wechat Payment

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Acrylic Sheet Applications: Alipay Payment & Wechat Payment

Acrylic Sheet Applications: Alipay Payment & Wechat Payment

Material:Acrylic Sheet

CNC cutting processing, screen printing processing

It can be processed into payment panel, such as alipay payment, WeChat payment, etc.

"ACRYLIC" is a chemical material.Chemical name is called "PMMA" belongs to polyacrylate, commonly known as "after special treatment of organic glass", in the application industry of acrylic materials generally in the form of particles, plates, pipes, etc. Acrylic is also called the special treatment of organic glass, organic glass products, made of acrylic light box has good pervious to light performance, color pure, rich colors, beautiful smooth, balancing both day and night effect, long service life, does not affect the use and other characteristics, in addition, acrylic and aluminum profiles, advanced screen printing, and so on can be a perfect combination, meet the needs of businesses, acrylic blister is to improve the operating stores class, one of the best outdoor advertising form a unified corporate image.

acrylic mirror

DHUA is a pioneer manufacture of Acrylic Mirror, supply all kinds of Acrylic Mirror, Widely used in Furniture, Toys, Beauty and other Industries.

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