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Convex mirror is used in the field of supermarket anti-theft

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Convex mirror is used in the field of supermarket anti-theft

Convex mirrors are also called wide-angle mirrors, mirrors, and turning mirrors. Mainly used in various corners and intersections. It can expand the driver's vision and find the vehicles on the opposite side of the curve early to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It is also used for supermarket anti-theft and surveillance of dead ends. The convex mirrors are often used in some car rearview mirrors mainly because the convex mirror works by diffusing light and has a convex mirror that reflects the invisible angle of view to the human body. Among the people's eyes. 

Wisdom laborers have also seen this working principle of convex mirrors. So in many supermarkets nowadays, in order to prevent thieves from stealing things, some convex mirrors will be installed in some supermarkets. After a period of experimentation, the effect of this week's pictures in the supermarket is also very significant. It has been widely used by more and more supermarkets. This kind of picture is very good for protecting supermarkets. effect.

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