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Convex Mirrors

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Convex Mirrors

Convex Mirrors features:
As high-quality roads conve mirrors (outdoor type) - road conve mirrors, roads convex mirrors (outdoor type) - road conve mirrors, mirrors, traffic mirrors, indoor convex mirrors, outdoor convex mirrors, anti-theft mirrors, with excellent image clarity Degree, image distortion and excellent impact resistance.

Convex Mirrors uses:
The installation of convex mirrors in supermarkets, shops, shopping malls and other indoor corners allows the place to be within the scope of staff monitoring and anti-theft. Factory workshops, enterprises, and laboratories can regulate personnel to pay attention to safe passage and broaden their horizons. The installation of this product in the underground parking lot can prevent the vehicle from knowing the situation at the other end of the road before turning, avoiding the collision with the head-on vehicle. Products are often used in supermarkets, shops, shopping malls, underground parking lots, subway stations, factory workshops, enterprises and institutions, laboratories and other places that need to be monitored indoors.

Neoclassical Convex Mirror

DHUA is a pioneer manufacture of Acrylic Mirror, supply all kinds of Acrylic Mirror, Widely used in Furniture, Toys, Beauty and other Industries.

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