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DHUA is the premier high-quality and customized acrylic mirror solution provider. We understand that cutting acrylic mirror sheets can be a daunting task for some customer, but we are here to help. Please find below the steps and tools needed to successfully cut acrylic mirror sheets.

Scribing And Breaking

This method is used to achieve a quick, straight line cut of single sheets of acrylic mirror sheet less than 3mm thickness. Mark the line to be scribed on the acrylic mirror with a plastic /acrylic sheet cutter. Firmly place a straight edge along the line and use it as a guideline strokes. Then, overhand the end of the mirror off the work table. Break the acrylic mirror with sharp downward pressure.

Saber Saw Cutting

Saber saws are generally used for cuts involving a frequent change in direction. Maintaining adequate support is important to prevent vibration which may cause chipping. To achieve this, clamp a straight board on the sheet near the cutting line. This may also be used as a saw guide. Set the saw to full speed before cutting the acrylic mirror. Without feeding too fast, press the saw shoe firmly against the mirror while cutting. Blades for saber saws should have at least 14 teeth per inch.

Customized Acrylic Mirror

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machine can be used to cut virtually any image, various shape and sizes on acrylic mirror with minimal material waste. The CO2 laser cutting machine operates by focusing a large amount of energy on a small defined area and melting and vaporizing the material. It produces a clean, smooth edge without any saw chips. The tolerance of cutting can achieve +/-0.2mm

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

All information is given in good faith, but it is strongly recommended to test your preferred cutting technique on test material first.



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