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Acrylic Material Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet Plastic Flexible Mirror Material

Acrylic Material Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet Plastic Flexible Mirror Material

Acrylic Material Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet Plastic Flexible Mirror Material

Acrylic Material gold mirror acrylic sheet

Extruded grade gold acrylic sheet has superior tolerance control and is more cost-effective vresus cast.Mirrored gold acrylic sheet is available with new thermoformable film-masking for easy processing and superior protection.Acrylic/plexiglass sheet can be heated,line-bent or laser-cut with strong protective fim-masking in place.

Acrylic/plexiglass gold mirror sheet is 17 times stronger than glass mirror, has excellent clarity, durability, is lightweight and weatherable. Acrylic mirror can be sawed, routed, drilled, formed, line bent, cemented and painted.

• Lightweight and stronger alternative to glass
• Highly transparent (also available in opaque)vivid color
• Excellent resistance to UV damage
• Easy to machine, fabricate, and glue
• Low water absorption

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Production Flow  

Imported advanced acrylic extrusion production line with homemade and imported raw material.


Saftey packing suitable for both sea shipment and air shipment.make sure acrylic plexiglass mirrors are well protected and saftely delivered to customers.


Strict quality control system and ecofriendly plexiglass mirror well received by customer of different industrial from all around the world.

Delivery & Payment  

Different way of shipment / payment can be chosen by customers according to different delivery or payment request.

Company Information  


Available standard plastic mirror specification as below :      


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1. What is acrylic/plexiglass?                                            

Acrylic Perspex/plexiglass is manufactured in a large range of colours and finishes. Clear acrylics/plexiglass also known as perspex are by far the most popular.A huge range of colours and tints are also available.                                

Acrylic is manufactured in the following types: 1)Extruded 2)Casting 3)Impact modified The main advantages include:

1)excellent weather resistance,unaffected by sun or salt spray temperature range of -30 to 160° degree F for continuous service.  

2)Highly transparent sheet with a light transmission of 92%

3)Higher impact strength than glass

4)Excellent surface finish Easy to machine, fabricate and thermoform

5)Good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis

6)Half the weight of glass Impact resistant

7)Unaffected by sun or salt spray Temperature range of -30 to 160° F for continuous service

8)Good outdoor weathering

9)Fully recyclable Excellent surface hardness and durability

10)Food gradable Easy to clean and maintain

2. How to clean acrylic/plexiglass products?      


Acrylics/plexiglass are best cleaned using a soft cloth with fresh water to which a little detergent has been added.Under no circumstances should methylated spirits nor solvent be used.Proprietary cleaning solutions should only be used if they are known to be compatible with acrylic sheet.Abrasive cleaners of any kind should never be used.

Guangdong Donghua Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. formerly named Dongguan Fenghua Acrylic & Mirror Craft Co., Ltd, established in the year of 2000, covers an area of 20,000 square and employs over 300 staff.  

With 15 years' experience and processing technology in acryilc field, as a professional manufacturer of extruded acrylic sheet, plastic mirrors and acrylic crafts, Donghua has gained high reputation from both domestic and oversea customers.      

All of our products with ISO 9001:2008 qualified certification meet the international rules of environmental protection, such as ROHS, REACH Regulations, as well as pass the Phthalate Testing for toy mirror & paint, Heavy Metal Elements Testing on package material from SGS.      

With stricted quality control standard, most competitive price and most efficient after-sale service, we are on the service of the world's top brands, so we have plenty of experience to deal with big customers based on comprehensive producing centers, super equipments, excellent team work.

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