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Anti-Fog Shower Shaving Mirror

Product Description

Anti fog shower shaving mirror

Convenient and portable  

Shatterproof and durable  

3 different mount options  

Easy to mount and clean  

Hanging hook

Permanent adhesive stainless steel hook size 45*30mm

Suction cup

Size S    Dia 4.0 cm

Size M    Dia 4.5 cm

Size L      Dia 5.0 cm

Razor hook

Size M     5.0 * 4.4 cm

Size L       6.3 * 5.3 cm

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Packing & Delivery

Where Should I Place My Mirror?

Place your mirror away from areas in the direct shower stream where the droplets of water may disturb your reflection.

Be sure to keep the mirror and mount out of the reach of children for safety.


WARNING: Do NOT use cleaning products on this mirror.

We strongly recommend cleaning your fogless mirror as if it is your favorite pair of sunglasses, using only a very soft cloth and warm water.

Using any cleaning products will remove the anti-fog magic.

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