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Clear Acrylic Barrier Sheets Sneeze Guards & Partitions for Counters, Offices

A sneeze guard is a protective barrier, typically made from either plexiglass or acrylic, that prevents bacteria or viruses from spreading. It works by blocking spittle or spray from a person’s nose or mouth before it can infect other areas.

Dhua quality plexiglass barriers are a great way to protect your staff and customers from airborne bacteria and germs spread through sneezing or coughing. These plexiglass panels are popping up all over – in office cubicles, at checkout counters in stores and restaurants, in doctors’offices – everywhere people are interacting face-to-face.

· Portable

· Free-standing

· Very rigid & stable

· Custom sizes, designs and graphics are available


Product Name

Partition, Sneeze Guard, Plexiglass Barrier, Clear Acrylic Barrier Sheets 




Clear Transparent


24"x24", 24"x30", 24"x32", 48"x30" or Custom size


5-8 mm or customized


1.2 kg/cm3

Light transmission


Logo & print

Silk-screen printing, sticker paper, Laser or CNC engraving, sticker paper

Export packing

Bubble bag+carton (1Set/CTN) or custom pacaking


High transparency, safe, unbreakable, portable, flexible and custom


* Stable

* Impact and Shatter Resistant

* Clean Look

* Lightweight and Portable

* Portable Freestanding

* Acrylic Clear Sneeze Guard Brackets

* Assembles in Seconds
* Easy to Clean and Disinfect

* Effective against Droplets from Sneezing or Coughing

* Custom Sizes, Designs and Graphics are available

Durable Materials & Clear Look

The sneeze guard glass is actually acrylic, which offers a tough, highly transparent finish for a clear line of vision. It arrives with a film that can be take off. 


Transaction Window

Opening cutouts in the bottom centre allow documents, money, and small items to pass from person to person.


Rounded Corner

Rounded corner with professionally machined and finished edges protect yourself from cut.


Size & Shape Customized

From a smaller 23"x15" countertop sneeze guard to a 24"x72" privacy screen for a workspace, you'll find a size and a shape for every situation, and more custom to fit any countertop or location demand.


Wide Applications

Partition, Sneeze Guard, Clear Acrylic Barrier Sheets are widely used for counter, checkout, cashier, restaurant, buffet, and office work areas, everywhere people are interacting face-to-face. 


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