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DHUA Makes Better Acrylic Mirrors

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DHUA Makes Better Acrylic Mirrors

DHUA The Premier Customized Acrylic Mirror Solution Provider

What should I do if the mirror surface of acrylic lenses becomes dirty during use?

Acrylic mirror will inevitably become dirty due to dust, fingerprints, oil, etc. during use, affecting their transparency and reflection. Here are some ways to clean and care for your acrylic mirror to ensure they are in good condition for daily use.

arylic mirror

Preparation before cleaning

1. Prepare a clean soft cloth, dust-free cloth or high-quality paper towels. Avoid using rough materials such as towels to avoid scratching the mirror surface.

2. Prepare cleaning agents (dish soap, hand soap, baking soda and water) or white oil. Do not use items containing irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, vinegar, etc.

mirror acrylic


1. If a small area is slightly dirty, use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently wipe the surface of the mirrors to remove dust and other impurities. If the effect is not good, you can first use clean water, if possible, use white oil, and then use dry, dust-free cloth to wipe it clean.

2. If a large area is slightly dirty, rinse with clean water first to remove surface dust and impurities, then apply cleaning agent to the mirror surface, wait a few seconds, and rinse again with clean water.

3. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the mirrors, and do not use excessive force during the operation to avoid scratching the mirror surface.

DHUA acrylic


1. Do not expose the mirror to sunlight or high temperature to avoid deformation or aging.

2. Choose appropriate cleaning agents and avoid using irritating substances.

3. Avoid using rough materials such as towels and facial tissues to avoid scratching the mirror surface.

4. The grease on the mirrors can be washed away with hot water, dish soap and tableware cloth.

Correct cleaning methods can protect the service life of plastic mirror and avoid damage to the mirror due to improper cleaning.

The mirror surface is hardened to a maximum hardness of 5H.