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Do you know so many advantages of using acrylic sheet to make logo design?

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-08      Origin: Site


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Do you know so many advantages of using acrylic sheet to make logo design?

Acrylic sheet, one of the emerging signage materials in recent years, is widely used in restaurants, markets, hotels and other public places.The design of acrylic process label refers to the combination of acrylic board, adhesive, acrylic font, luminescent tube and other original components.Compared with the ordinary signage, the acrylic logo design has the characteristics of beauty, dazzle and strong visual quality beyond the material.Acrylic board with its own halo, so a large area of the signage market wide application.

What are the unique advantages of the craft label design of acrylic sheet?

1. Compared with the monotonous and stereotyped words, the acrylic logo design has a strong visual sense: the colorful and visual impact reaches the peak of the logo design and production industry;

2. Durability: the built-in light source has good protection and can extend the service life of the light source product designed by acrylic logo;The prolongation of internal construction life leads directly to the preservation of external form.

3. Plasticity: acrylic is in line with the production process of new scientific and technological equipment, and the mark design of wood, stone and metal has no plasticity;

4. Light transmittance: light transmittance allows the patterns on the bottom of acrylic plates to be clearly expressed. The light transmittance is as high as 90%.

5. Fire-resistance: non-spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing, which is an incomparable performance characteristic of other logo design materials;

6. Energy saving: in addition to good light transmission performance, reduce the light source accordingly, save electricity and reduce the use cost;This is a kind of acrylic logo design works favored by merchants.