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How To Clean An Acrylic Mirror?

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How To Clean An Acrylic Mirror?

When cleaning an acrylic mirror, being gentle and patient is important. You may not have considered this, but there are many different types of mirrors, including acrylic, metal, polycarbonate, and glass. Although the general rules regarding how to clean acrylic mirrors are very similar to other types of mirrors, there are a couple of tips you should follow.

Correct mirror maintenance is essential to keeping your mirror in the best condition, here below with a guide summarized by DHUA on how to clean an acrylic mirror correctly.

How are acrylic mirrors different from other types of mirrors?

Acrylic mirrors also known as Plexiglas mirror and PMMA mirror, because they’re made of plastic, are stronger, more durable, and flexible, unlike other mirrors. They are far more resistant to shattering and unbreakable. They are handy and light in weight, can be easily cut to size with any conventional tool .So you can be easy to mount an acrylic mirror anywhere in your home.

acrylic mirror2

How to clean an acrylic mirror?

The first step of cleaning an acrylic mirror is to remove any dust particles from its surface with a lint-free cloth. Skipping this step can result in a streaky and dirty-looking mirror, even if you spend half an hour cleaning it. Especially if you use a cloth with lint, as it will shed and leave fibres on your mirror.

Once you have removed the dust, effectively cleaning an acrylic mirror is simple. All you need is warm water and mild liquid detergent to achieve the rejuvenated appearance you’re looking for.

The warm water will encourage any dirt to lift from the mirror's surface, and the detergent will help to break it down quickly. It is vital to use mild detergents, as any cleaning products that contain Hydrofluoric or Phosphoric acid are corrosive to glass surfaces of any type. Corrosion will leave scratches that will dull the reflectivity of your mirror and may make it appear frosty.

Furthermore, solvents, such as methylated spirits and turpentine will also cause irreversible damage to your acrylic mirror.

Using a chamois cloth on your mirror when it is wet will provide a streak-free finish, and a soft cloth will set in place once it is time to dry it. The soft cloth will remove the water efficiently and leave your mirror with a flawless shine.

acrylic mirror3

DHUA produced anti-scratch acrylic mirror make the maintenance and cleaning ever easier and simple , the hard coating on the mirror surface will prevent scratches during clear process. You can learn more from our website