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How To Reduce Acrylic Mirror Deformation?

Views: 305     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-11      Origin: Site


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How To Reduce Acrylic Mirror Deformation?

Acrylic mirrors are loved by the general public for their excellent impact resistance, light transmission and portability. It is commonly used for furniture decoration, mirror walls in gyms and dance studios, advertising light boxes, etc. Acrylic mirror gives full play to its special visual advantages and streams of light.

However, in the process of using acrylic mirrors, there is always a problem: water absorption deformation, acrylic material itself contains polar side methyl, with obvious moisture absorption, moisture absorption rate of 0.3% -0.4%. Acrylic will expand after absorbing moisture, resulting in mirror deformation. 

So be sure to keep the acrylic mirror environment dry, never in the bathroom, outdoor and other humid environment, acrylic although called plexiglass, but is actually a kind of plastic. Ductility is good, but there is no glass hardness. The use of improper operation, environmental factors, etc.. will cause the deformation of acrylic mirrors, mainly for the following reasons.

1.Size and thickness

The thinner the mirror is, the larger the size of the mirror is, the more likely to get deformation. The thinner the more flexible of the acrylic mirror sheet. This is the characteristics of acrylic, not a defect in the product, so when designing products, you can appropriately increase the thickness and size. For example, when using large acrylic mirrors (such as 1220 * 2440mm), you can use a thickness of about 5mm, which can effectively reduce deformation.

acrylic mirror2


When installing, ensure that the back wall is rigid and flat. Problems such as tilting and denting protruding from the acrylic mirror will be magnified, and the thinner the mirror the greater the camouflage effect. Therefore, before installing the thin acrylic mirror, make sure that the wall is flat and the adhesive should be tightened to the wall, which can effectively reduce deformation of the mirror.

acrylic mirror3

3.Environmental reasons

Acrylic is a thermoplastics, a long time in a high temperature environment will cause serious deformation of the mirror. Acrylic deformation temperature of 100, continuous use of the temperature can not be higher than 90.

acrylic mirror4

The above three points are the main reasons for acrylic mirrors deformation. You need to pay more attention in the process of use and install, generally will not appear obvious deformation.