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Sneeze Guards & Partitions For Your Business or Workplace

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-11      Origin: Site


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Sneeze Guards & Partitions For Your Business or Workplace

The widespread of  COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it – face masks became the norm, hand sanitizer was a must, and sneeze guards popped up in almost every grocery and retail store across the country.

 Today we talk about Sneeze Guards, which also called Protective Partitions, Transparent Partitions, Protective Shields, Protective Barriers, Plexiglass Shield Barrier, Splash Shields, Sneeze Shields, Sneeze Screens ect.


What is a Sneeze Guard?

A sneeze guard is a protective barrier, typically made from either plexiglass or acrylic, that prevents bacteria or viruses from spreading. It works by blocking spittle or spray from a person’s nose or mouth before it can infect other areas.

Although sneeze guards are not required during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are recommended. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that every business should “place a barrier (e.g., sneeze guard) between employees and customers.” Especially in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put sneeze guards in high demand. These protective shields are now popping up at cash registers, banks, and of course, doctor’s offices.


What are Sneeze Guards Used For?

Sneeze guards are used as a barrier between shoppers and employees. They are a great way to prevent the spread of germs from one person to the other, which ultimately helps slow down a virus like COVID-19.

Sneeze guards are used for all of the following:

· Restaurants and bakeries

· Cash registers

· Reception desks

· Pharmacies & doctor’s offices

· Public transportation

· Gas stations

· Schools

· Gyms & fitness studios


What are Sneeze Guards Made Of?

Plexiglass and acrylic are both used to make sneeze guards because they’re water-resistant and durable. They are also accessible and affordable materials that are easy to install and use. Many other types of plastic are used to make sneeze guards like PVC and vinyl, but acrylic is the most common. Glass can also be used to make these shields, but it’s a lot heavier and more likely to be damaged.

Sneeze Shields

How Do You Clean Sneeze Guards?

You should clean your sneeze guards while wearing disposable gloves, safety goggles, and a face mask. After all, you don’t want the germs from the shield to end up on your hands or near your mouth or eyes!

This is how you should clean your sneeze guard:

1: Mix warm water and mild soap or detergent in a spray bottle. Make sure the soap/detergent is food-safe if you’re putting the sneeze guards up at your restaurant.

2: Spray the solution onto the sneeze guard from left to right and top to bottom.

3: Clean out the spray bottle and refill it with cool water.

4: Spray the cool water onto the sneeze guard from left to right and top to bottom.

5: Thoroughly dry with a soft sponge to avoid leaving water spots. Do not use squeegees, razor blades, or other sharp tools as they can scrape the sneeze guard.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider adding one more step and spraying your sneeze guard down with a sanitizer that contains at least  60% alcohol. You should then immediately get rid of your disposable gloves and throw your face mask directly into the washer or garbage can.

For good measure,  wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water after you’re completely done cleaning.