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Things Made up of Acrylic

Views: 15     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-07      Origin: Site


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Things Made up of Acrylic

Acrylic is featured with high transparency, light transmittance up to 92%, having reputation as "plastic crystal" . Now we list out some objects made up of acrylic as below.

Acrylic Stationery & Gift  

Office stationery, educational supplies, business card /memo holder, pen holder, tape stand, general gifts, artwork, designer boutique, photo frame, medal (cup), clock, key ring and so on  


Acrylic Kitchen, Bathroom and Household Products  

Kitchen ware, tableware/cup, bathroom, bathtub, shower door, SPA, household swimming pool, tray, candy and biscuit box, wine rack, ice bucket, egg rack, cosmetics container, coaster, CD holder, paper box, storage box, mirror, designer boutique and so on  


Acrylic Building Materials Decoration  

Roll doors, doors and windows, screens, compartments, doorknobs, bar counters, floors, handrails, guardrail, exhibition, lighting cover, rain (sun) canopy, mirror, window, landscape, landmark, sound insulation wall, bulletproof protection, national defense, paint and so on  


Acrylic Advertising Display  

Signboards, light boxes, neon lights, mirrors, architectural models, displays, display racks (cabinets), signboards, hangers, signs and so on 


Acrylic Furniture & Lighting  

Desk and chair, locker, lecture table, furniture accessories, lighting, lighting accessories and so on   


Acrylic Transportation Products  

Aircraft window, yacht panel, plexiglass hardtop skylight, wind baffle, cabin cover, rain window, car light, transport, sign, traffic light, reflector and so on 


Acrylic Leisure Entertainment Products  

Basketball board, golf ball, household swimming pool, aquarium (hall), gambling, games, game console panel, vending machine panel, pet toys and so on 


Acrylic 3C Supplies  

Electrical appliances, mouse, goggles (board), case, acrylic electronic products, LCD/TV, mobile phone panel and so on   



Acrylic lens, plexiglass reflector, magnification (convex, see through) mirror, projection board and so on


Acrylic Popular Boutique  

Shoes material, jewelry, watches, handbags, designer boutique and so on  


Acrylic Agricultural & Medical Treatment  

Greenhouse, acrylic plant placement box, medical supplies, agricultural supplies and so on 


Other Applications  

Machinery, processing AIDS and others.  


In the field of digital products: can be applied to digital photo frame, as the shell of digital photo frame.  

4-product application