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Why Choose Acrylic UV Printing

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-02      Origin: Site


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Why Choose Acrylic UV Printing

Acrylic UV printing in production only need to transfer the pattern printed on the acrylic to the computer, and then print and output by the flatbed printer on the acrylic sheet.  


What are the benefits of acrylic UV printing?


1. Efficient printing: fast printing speed, suitable for mass processing, fast drying of pattern ink

2. Optimum printing: colour enhancement, consistently high quality finishes 

3. Cost saving: no need to go out of the film screen version, drawings can be directly printed  

4. Eco-friendly: environmental inks without body and environment pollution

5. Material versatility: Acrylic UV printing can not only process acrylic, but also can print patterns on mobile phone shell, glass, cloth and other materials  


UV Cured Ink on Acrylic maximizes your photo's depth, creating a dramatic look that's both vivid and modern.  Plus, unlike paper or canvas printing, an acrylic print is also impervious to moisture and spills.