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About Acrylic Sheet and acrylic mirror processing problems

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-20      Origin: Site


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About Acrylic Sheet and acrylic mirror processing problems

Q1: how to process acrylic mirror sheet?

A: the acrylic mirror sheet can be cut, leveled, drilled or laser processed according to the woodworking machines and tools. Only the bevelled bright side needs professional equipment, which can be specially handled by zifeng company.

Q2: how does the acrylic mirror sheet make the hypotenuse of the bright side?

A: generally, the machine cannot be processed with bright surface. It must be processed with diamond knife.

Q3: can the acrylic sheet be rolled up for easy delivery?

A: the bakelite plate is not recommended to be rolled up for delivery because it is easy to break.

Q4: can we order acrylic sheet and acrylic mirror sheet according to the required size?

A: the acrylic mirror plate has A fixed size and can be cut according to the required size