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Acrylic advertising sheet maintenance method

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-27      Origin: Site


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Acrylic advertising sheet maintenance method

Acrylic advertising sheet maintenance method

First, to avoid high temperature: the highest permanent use temperature of acrylic materials: 80 ° C, softening point temperature: 115 ° C, deformation will occur around 70 degrees. Therefore, acrylic materials should not be used in environments where the temperature is too high.

Second, to avoid overpressure: Acrylic sheet material is beautiful and beautiful, but its strength is not very high, so avoid excessive stress and prevent breakage.

Third, to avoid scratching: Acrylic sheet surface is smooth and transparent, daily care is also very simple and convenient, just need to wipe with a soft cloth, no need to use any cleaning agent and chemical bath. If there is scratch on the surface during use, wipe it with a paper towel or a rag and a little toothpaste. Remember not to sand it with sandpaper.Acrylic advertising light box 

First of all, we choose to cut the layout of the light box according to the size of the light box. The general material used is aluminum-plastic board. Then according to the size of the light box in the professional software for typesetting, commonly used software: COREL DRAW, AI and other software; 

The second part, the best version, is guided into a PLT file, placed in the Wentai engraving software, engraved with a plotter, the materials used are instant stickers, reflective film, etc.; 

The third part, the carved content is attached to the aluminum-plastic plate layout, and the hole is punched according to the typesetting small round hole; 

The fourth part, insert the light, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the lamp, and be waterproof; 

The fifth part, wiring, connected to the controller for testing, the test is no problem for packaging, waterproofing.