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Acrylic sheet application range

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 Acrylic sheet application range

Compared with glass, acrylic sheet has the same excellent transparency, and is light and tough. The acrylic sheet was popular during World War II and was widely used to make aircraft windshields, canopies and turrets. Acrylic sheets have developed several other commercial applications, such as glass roofing, exterior design, advertising, car headlights and more. Recycled acrylic sheets can be used to form sheets for use in doors, medical fields, advertising, and the like. 

Due to its excellent toughness and high UV resistance, acrylic sheets are widely used in door and window profiles, canopies, panels, exterior walls and more. With good light transmission and heat insulation, it is very suitable for greenhouse construction. It can also be seen in the prototype aquarium and ocean center of the big city.

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The acrylic sheet is used to design LED lights to help maximize illumination. It is also used in the construction of lamps due to its transparency and optical properties. In vehicles, acrylic sheets are used for windows, interior and exterior panels, fenders, etc., as well as motorcycle windshields. Colored acrylic sheets are also used in car lamp covers, interior lamp covers, and the like. The acrylic sheet is also used in ships (salt resistance) and aerospace applications. Acrylic sheet opens up new design possibilities for automakers with its excellent acoustic properties, formability and surface hardness.

Due to the excellent optical clarity, high light transmission and scratch resistance of acrylic sheets, acrylic sheets are widely used in LCD/LED TV screens, notebook computers, smartphone displays and electronic display. Because of its excellent UV resistance and light transmission, the acrylic sheet has also been developed as a covering material for solar panels with high energy conversion efficiency.Acrylic sheets are high purity, clean and used in the manufacture of incubators, drug testing equipment, hospital and research laboratory storage cabinets. In addition, due to its high biocompatibility, acrylic sheets can also be used as dental cavity fillers and bone cements. The acrylic sheet offers special properties such as transparency, toughness and aesthetics. It can be shaped into any shape. It is a good choice for chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, bowls, placemats and other items.