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Acrylic mirror sheet punching

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-06      Origin: Site


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Acrylic mirror sheet punching

First, you need to know what holes your acrylic mirror sheet is punching in and what requirements you have for the hole, such as the size, size and shape of the hole. Then, we learned about several ways to punch holes in the acrylic mirror sheet and the limitations of various methods. 

1.There are jackhammer punches (pneumatic, electric can be), the advantages of this method: portable and convenient to drill anywhere, you can drill that position, as long as you have electricity, you can drill, there is not much environmental restrictions, For example, at home, in the company, outdoors and other places can be drilled. However, hand-held drilling rigs also have a number of disadvantages: portable drills cannot drill through large holes, can not drill shaped holes, and then drill irregular holes, and then manual drilling requires some skill, otherwise it is easy to jump holes, or The acrylic mirror sheet is broken.

2. Step drilling: The relative standard of the holes drilled in this way. The downside is that you can't drill too many holes, you can't drill a special hole, and then you have a certain limit on the position of the hole. This requires an arm length based on the drill. When the acrylic mirror sheet has a hole that is longer than the arm length, you cannot drill it. For the environment, there is no such machine in the general family. But neighbors may have it, and it's easy to solve. 

3. Drilling with a laser cutting machine: advantages, the standard of the holes that are punched out, the size and distance of the holes are not limited, only the computer can make it, the machine surface can be made large enough. The disadvantage is that such a machine must be a professional company. Yes, such as our professional acrylic products factory. There are no ordinary families and neighbors. Therefore, you may need to send your acrylic mirror sheet to a professional acrylic product manufacturer for processing, or give them a request to find them custom. 

4. Punch with CNC engraving machine: the advantages and disadvantages are the same as with laser cutting machine.

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