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How many types of acrylic sheets? Do you understand?

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-24      Origin: Site


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How many types of acrylic sheets? Do you understand?

How many types of acrylic sheets? Do you understand?
   Common acrylic sheets are roughly classified into four types according to their shape: colorless transparent acrylic, colored transparent acrylic, pearlescent acrylic, and embossed acrylic.
   Among them, colorless and transparent acrylic is the most common and most commonly used material, and the thickness is also varied, depending on your needs. This kind of transparent acrylic is no different from glass, and its transmissibility is even better than that of glass. At the same time, it can be used for multi-pattern secondary processing to form colorful acrylic products.
   The colored transparent acrylic is commonly called color plate, and the light transmission is softer. According to the difference of light transmittance, it is divided into transparent colored, translucent colored and opaque colored. Not as good as pearlescent acrylic. Can be made into light boxes, crafts, lamps and other products, comfortable and elegant. Pearlescent acrylic is made by mixing pearl powder or phosphor in general acrylic. Its color is bright and the surface finish is high. After the external form is hot pressed by the mold, even if it is polished and polished, it still maintains the molded pattern, forming the artistic effect of the unique object. The characters, animal models, trademarks, decorations and promotional materials can be especially Made. Embossed plexiglass is transparent, translucent and colorless, brittle and easy to break. It is used in interior doors and windows and other decorative features. It has the characteristics of being transparent but not transparent. It is usually used indoors to partition or separate indoor doors and windows.