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How to cut acrylic mirror sheet to any size?

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How to cut acrylic mirror sheet to any size?

What is the cutting of the acrylic mirror sheet:Acrylic mirror sheet It is a material obtained by polymerizing methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA), which is a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet. The variety of acrylic sheets is very rich, colorful and has a very good overall performance, which provides designers with a variety of options, can be dyed and painted on the surface, silk screen or vacuum coating, etc. . Acrylic has a high transparency, its light transmittance can be as high as 92%, so it has the reputation of "plastic crystal". It also has good weather resistance, especially when it is applied outdoors, it can be said to be the crown of other plastics. At the same time, it has good surface hardness and luster. It has large processing plasticity and can be made into various kinds of places.

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The shape and product you need. The main cutting methods for acrylic mirror sheet are as follows: 1. What kind of cutting knife is used for the acrylic sheet: there is a hook knife, and the board is cut with a hook knife. If there is no paper blade, it is used in the reverse direction. The hole is very hot, and the knife is trimmed. If the board is glued, it is still chloroform, the bonding is firmer, 502 or ab glue is also OK. If it is transparent, the effect of sticking out is not enough. Chloroform, the instant glue like 502 has a layer of white mist, and the effect of ab glue is unsightly. . It is available if it is not transparent. But still use a special glue? Chloroform. After 24 hours, it can reach the original hardness of about 80%.

2, the acrylic plate used to cut the manual class: In fact, many consumers ask how to cut the acrylic plate mainly because they want to do it themselves, and there is no corresponding mechanical tools at hand. Manually cutting the acrylic plate requires the use of a hook knife. As long as the board is planned in advance, then the hook is cut to one-half of the board, and then the hand can be cut off. If you want the edge to be neat, you can polish it. 3. What kind of cutting machine is used for acrylic sheet: It is relatively simple to use mechanical cutting acrylic sheet. Common machines include engraving machine, electric saw and laser cutting machine. These tools can cut out good results, saving time and effort.

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