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Comparison of production process of cast acrylic sheet and extruded acrylic sheets

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Comparison of production process of cast acrylic sheet and extruded acrylic sheets

Acrylic cast-in-place sheet, as its name implies, melts the acrylic material at a high temperature and deposits it in a mold. Due to the high molecular mass produced, it has excellent stiffness, transparency, and excellent chemical resistance. Acrylic cast sheets have very good transparency, and the specifications of the products are very complete. It is also convenient to purchase sheets in small batches, and has unparalleled flexibility in color and surface texture. It is now the most widely used sheet.

Because it is cast-formed, the error of the sheet on the thick surface is large, and because the size of the whole sheet is fixed, when making some large-sized products, it is easy to waste the sheet trim and improve the product. unit price. Since the plate is cast-formed, a large amount of cooling water is required in the production process, which is easy to generate sewage and pollute the environment.

If you want to say an extruded acrylic sheet, you should start with the production process of acrylic extruded sheets. The extruded acrylic sheet is generally obtained by first melting the acrylic raw material and then extruding it through mechanical equipment at a high temperature. Due to the impurities produced by the acrylic material in the melting process, the pitting problem in the extrusion process has been caused. The extruded acrylic sheet is also divided into first-class and second-class products in terms of quality. Although the extruded acrylic sheet is not as transparent as the acrylic cast sheet, it has its own advantages.

Compared to acrylic cast-in-place plates, extruded acrylic sheets have a great advantage in terms of price because of the simpler production process. Due to the extrusion process of the extruded acrylic sheet, the extruded acrylic sheet can be customized not only in the thickness of the sheet, but also in the size of the sheet, which greatly reduces the waste in the sheet cutting process. Widely welcomed.

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