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Customized a wide range of acrylic mirrors to provide customers with excellent acrylic mirror sheet

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 Customized a wide range of acrylic mirrors to provide customers with excellent acrylic mirror sheet

Acrylic mirror, in fact, refer to the general name of PMMA sheet metal plating. Generally can be divided into: single-sided mirror, double-sided mirror, with plastic mirror, paper mirror, semi-lens.

Acrylic can be cast, injection molded, extruded, thermoformed, laser engraved, laser cut and other processes. 

Cast molding 

Casting is used to form profiles of plexiglass sheets, rods, etc., that is, forming profiles by bulk bulk polymerization. The cast product needs to be post-treated. The post-treatment conditions are 2 h at 60 ° C and 2 h at 120 ° C. 

Injection molding 

Injection molding uses pellets obtained by suspension polymerization and is formed on a conventional plunger or screw injection molding machine. Table 1 shows typical process conditions for polymethyl methacrylate injection molding. Process parameters Screw injection molding machine plunger injection molding machine barrel °C temperature rear 180-200 180-200 Central 190-230 Front 180-210 210-240 Nozzle temperature °C 180-210 210-240 Mold temperature °C 40-80 40-80 Injection pressure MPa 80-120 80-130 Holding pressure MPa 40-60 40-60 Screw speed rp.m-1 20-30 Injection molded products also need post-treatment to eliminate internal stress, processing hot air circulation at 70-80 °C It is carried out in a dry box, and the time for processing the acrylic rod depends on the thickness of the product, which generally takes about 4 hours.

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Thermoforming is a process in which a plexiglass sheet or sheet is formed into articles of various sizes and shapes, and a blank cut into a required size is clamped on a mold frame, heated to soften it, and then pressed to adhere to the mold profile. The shape is the same as that of the profile, and the product is finished by trimming the edge after cooling and setting. Pressurization may be carried out by vacuum drawing or by direct pressing of a punch having a profile. The thermoforming temperature can be referred to the temperature range recommended in Table 3. When using a fast vacuum low draft forming product, it is preferable to adopt a near-lower limit temperature and a deep drawing product having a complicated forming shape, and it is preferable to adopt a near upper limit temperature, and a normal temperature is generally used.

In August 2000, Donghua company was officially established, the factory covers an area of 200 square meters. In March 2004, founded acrylic craft unit, plant covers an are of 2000 square meters.Then after 10 years developed, Donghua introduced acrylic plate production line, plant covers an area of 15,000square meters.Until 2014, Dpnghua have introduced two high-end acrylic sheet production lines, plant covers an area of 25,000 square meters. Produce difference product and sell to all around the world.

DHUA is a pioneer manufacture of Acrylic Mirror, supply all kinds of Acrylic Mirror, Widely used in Furniture, Toys, Beauty and other Industries.

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