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Remove Acrylic mirror wall stickers

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 Remove Acrylic mirror wall stickers

1.remove the latex paint acrylic mirror wall stickers method:
First use a hair dryer to properly heat the wall (usually heated to about forty degrees), then try to tear open the corner of the wall sticker, if you find that the acrylic mirror wall stickers are not degummed on the back, you can slowly tear off. Of course, the temperature cannot be heated too high or heated continuously, which makes it easy to degumming or even peeling off the wall paint. In this way, the acrylic mirror wall stickers can be removed substantially, and even with a small amount of traces, it can be slowly removed with a knife.

2, remove the glass and other methods that are not easy to damage the wall surface: In addition to using Method 1 to remove the wall sticker, it can be directly peeled off by hand. If there are residual marks, it can be removed with alcohol, detergent, gasoline, etc.In fact, the use of acrylic mirror wall stickers is still very wide, there are many styles of acrylic mirror wall stickers, you can choose according to different preferences. Of course, the removal method of acrylic mirror wall stickers needs to be mastered. Learn to understand.

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