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Led light guide acrylic sheet

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 Led light guide acrylic sheet

The design principle of the light guide plate is derived from the liquid crystal display of the notebook computer, and is a high-tech product that converts the line light source into a surface light source. The optical grade acrylic sheet is used as the substrate, and the backlight module technology of the LCD display and the notebook computer is used to calculate the light guiding point of the light guiding point through the calculation of the light guiding point of the computer, so that the light of the acrylic light guiding plate is refracted into a surface light source. The light state is manufactured by molding. The product is combined with digital uv printing technology using spectral analysis principle and is made under constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-free environment. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin, super bright, uniform light guiding, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark area, durable, not easy to yellow, simple and quick installation and maintenance.

The working principle of the light guide plate: the light guide plate uses an optical grade acrylic sheet, and then uses a high-tech material with extremely high reflectivity and no light absorption, and prints the light guide point on the bottom surface of the optical grade acrylic sheet by uv screen printing technology. The optical grade acrylic sheet is used to absorb the light emitted from the lamp on the surface of the optical grade acrylic sheet. When the light hits the respective light guiding points, the reflected light will diffuse to various angles, and then the reflection condition is broken and the front surface of the light guide plate is emitted. The acrylic light guide plate can be uniformly illuminated by various light guiding points of different sizes and sizes. The purpose of the reflective sheet is to reflect the light exposed from the bottom surface back into the light guide plate to improve the efficiency of light use.

Light-sensitive acrylic sheet features: 1. Can be cut to the required size, can also be spliced, simple process, easy to make 2. High light conversion rate (more than 30% higher than traditional boards), uniform light, long life indoor It can be used normally for more than 8 years, safe and environmentally friendly, durable and reliable. It can be used inside and outside. 3. Under the same area, the luminous efficiency is high, and the power consumption is low. 4. It can be made into special shapes, such as round, ellipse, arc, triangle. 5. In the case of the same brightness, you can use the thin product to save costs. 6. You can use any light source, line light source for surface light source conversion, light source including led, ccfl (cold cathode lamp), fluorescent tube.

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