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The nature of acrylic sheet - plexiglass sheet

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The nature of acrylic sheet - plexiglass sheet

Acrylic sheet (plexiglass sheet) is widely used, and it can be seen on aviation equipment. However, like many other polymer materials, it is eroded by moisture in the air, which causes certain aging of plexiglass sheets. It has a certain influence on the performance of the board.

The test shows that the water content of plexiglass with different thickness is similar. As the thickness increases, the weight of the sample increases, the water content decreases, and the corresponding tensile strength increases. With the increase of the plexiglass placement time, the water content and water content The rate increases, while the tensile strength decreases. As the thickness increases, the short-term water absorption of the plexiglass decreases, the water absorption is similar, and the increase in the weight of the sample causes a decrease in the short-term water absorption.

Acrylic mirror sheet acrylic sheet

The raw material of the plexiglass door is plexiglass, and the plexiglass is a polymer transparent material. Its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, generally referred to as PMMA, which is formed by polymerization of methyl methacrylate. Has many features that ordinary glass does not have, such as:
1. Aesthetics: The appearance of the plexiglass door is mirror-like, no seams, no wrinkles, exquisite craftsmanship, rich colors and beautiful appearance.
2, light transmission: plexiglass light transmission is very good, after testing its light transmittance to get 96%, and the light projected will be softer.
3. Impact resistance: The impact resistance of plexiglass is more than 200 times that of ordinary glass. It is not a particularly strong external force, and there is basically no problem of fracture and fracture, and the safety is high.
4, long life: plexiglass can ensure that it will not fade after a long time of use, and the quality of the plate has a long service life of 6-13 years.
5. Flame resistance: As a decoration product for building decoration, fire resistance is a must, and plexiglass has good flame resistance, no spontaneous combustion, and even self-extinguishing.

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